Padma bridge: 14th span installed; 2,100 metres now visible

The 14th span of the 6.15-km Padma bridge was installed this afternoon. With the installation of the 14th span, a total of 2,100 metres of the country’s largest structure is now visible, our Munshiganj correspondent reports.

The span ‘3-C’ was placed on the 15th and 16th pillars Around 3:45pm, engineers said.

The span, which was scheduled to be installed earlier, could not be placed on the pillars due to deposit of excessive silt beside the pillars and inclement weather.

Initially, the installation process was delayed because of excessive siltation and the span was successfully installed after the dredging work was completed, the engineers said.

The construction work of the long-cherished Padma Bridge started in December, 2015 and the first span (superstructure) among the 41 was installed on September 30, 2017.

The length of the steel structure double-deck Padma bridge is 6.15 kilometres. The trains will run through the lower deck while the road will be on the upper level of the bridge.

When the construction of the Padma bridge is completed, the capital will be directly connected with 21 southern districts through road and railways.

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