Padma Bridge piling work completed

The piling of 294 piles in 44 pillars of the Padma Bridge was successfully completed on Sunday night.

Padma Bridge Assistant Engineer Ahsanullah Majumder Shaon confirmed the completion of the pilling work to Dhaka Tribune.

The main bridge has a total of 294 piles, of which 262 piles of 42 pillars are in the main river and 32 piles of two pillars in the viaduct on the side.

He said, “The driving work of last pile started on Sunday morning and was completed at night by installing the last pile in pillar no.26 of the bridge.”

“It was the most challenging and crucial job of the bridge,” he said.

Sources said it took three years and seven months to complete the boring work of all the 294 piles into the pillars. The boring of the first pile started on 12 December, 2015 in pillar numbers 6 and 7 at the Mawa end of the bridge.

Eighteen pillars of the bridge have 6 piles each, twenty two pillars have 7 piles each and two pillars in the viaduct have 16 piles each. On an average, each pile has been driven 120 meters deep into the earth.

Humayun Kabir, Assistant Engineer of Padma Bridge said, “Of the two main components of the project one is the main bridge and the other is river training. 81% work of the main bridge has already been completed, whereas 59% of the river training work and 71% of the total project have been completed till June. Work on 30 out of 42 pillars has been completed so far.”

Meanwhile, 2,100 meters of the 6.15-km Padma Bridge is visible as 14 spans (super structures), including two temporary spans which would be moved to some other pillars have been installed.

Tanjil Hasan

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