Project Alokito Shishu’s new school in Munshiganj is a beacon of hope

After three years of classes in the scorching heat and uncompromising rain, the students of the open school of Alokito Shishu, A Last Mile Life Initiative, got their formal school at the all-new Munshiganj campus. With the support and fund from IDLC, Alokito Shishu built the school.

An Inauguration ceremony was held on July 11, 2019. Arif khan CEO and Managing Director of IDLC Finance Ltd inaugurated the school. Popular actor Sabnam Faria was also present during the programme. She has been working with this team from its very inception.

Alokito Shishu is a platform dedicated to educating the children from the unprivileged community of Bangladesh. Besides Munshiganj, they have two more schools located in Dhaka and Natore. Alokito Shishu mainly focuses on the unprivileged marginalised groups where people are either outcasts or unreachable. For example, 99% of the children from the gypsy communities did not have any access to formal schooling until the recent campus in Munshiganj. Prior to that, they used to attend the open school for the last three years, with a dream of getting a rooftop above their head one day.

The people from the gypsy communities do not have sustainable housing. They mainly live in boats and roam from place to place. Their children often dream of sustainable residence, as well as schooling which Alokito Shishu ensured.

Arif Khan, CEO and Managing Director of IDLC Finance Limited said, “We have been working for the Bede community and those who are underprivileged in the society. We have built seven schools across the country, including a school in Sajek Valley in Rangamati.

Mithun Das Kabbo, CEO of Alokito Shishu mentioned, “It is my belief that every child in Bangladesh has the potential to do something great. All they need is equal opportunities in education. Alokito Shishu’s team is working to establish that.”

“Finally we got a school that we wished for so long and I’m really happy about it. The classrooms look so colorful and charming, just the way my best friend and I discussed. We are very excited,” expressed Konica, an eight-year old student of the school.

The Last Mile Life is further initiating more projects under the name, Unleashing Youth and Gift for Goods. Alokito Shishu hopes to get support and love from all the people for the sake of a better and wonderful Bangladesh.

Mithun Das Kabbo


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