Black Diamond in Munshiganj

Sharif Dhali of Sonarang Village under Tongibari Upazila of the district does cow rearing, fish farming and gardening as hobby.

He collected American Brahma breed cow semen from local livestock office four years back. Later, he used this semen in a cow, and it gave birth to a calf.

When the calf became mature, it weighed about 30 maunds. This year Sharif Dhali decided to sell the cow at Tk 20 lakh.

He reared the cow following natural process and feeding with nutritious foods for the last four years. He named it Black Diamond. He spent Tk 3 to 4 lakh to rear the cow.

Sarif Dhali said, the cow eats wheat, molasses, lentil etc. It also eats sweet potato, sweet gourd, raw and ripe banana, jackfruit and raw grass.

Locals said, everyday people come from faraway just to see the attractive cow in Sarif Dhali’s house near Sonarang Adarsha Madrasa. Wholesalers are also coming here to buy the cow. But Sharif Dhali wants to sell the cow directly to someone.

Veterinary Surgeon of Upazila Livestock Office Dr Md Kamrul Hasan Saikat said, the cow has been reared following natural process from the very first day.


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