ACC questions Mahi B Chowdhury over money laundering allegations

Mahi B Chowdhury and his wife were asked to appear before it on August 7, but the couple sought more time
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has interrogated BikalpaDhara Joint Secretary General Mahi B Chowdhury on allegations of money laundering and accumulation of illegal wealth.

The parliamentarian, from Munshiganj 1 constituency, appeared at the commission’s headquarters at 10am for questioning, confirmed Pranab Kumer Bhattacharya, public relations officer of the ACC.

Mahi B Chowdhury and his wife AshfahHuq are accused of laundering money to the USA, according to the ACC.

Earlier on August 4, the two were summoned to appear before the commission on August 7, but the couple sought more time and August 25 was fixed for interrogation by ACC.

The ACC officials said they are monitoring the couple’s financial transactions since June and they are seeking assistance from different banks to trace the sources of the couple’s wealth, as part of the investigation.


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