Another ‘Killing Machine’ caught in Munshiganj

Russell’s viper, a rare species of venomous snake, is infamously called ‘Killing Machine’

Yet another Russell’s viper, a rare species of venomous snake, was caught in a fishing trap at Banglabazar in Munshiganj Sadar upazila early Saturday.

The snake is infamously called ‘Killing Machine’ for its ferocious speed and deadly venom.

Earlier in 2019, two other snakes of the same species were rescued from Louhajang upazila in the district on November 26 and April 28.

Shahin, a local and a third-year student of Jagannath University, said local fisherman Abul Hossain found the snake in his fishing trap and took it home with the help of a neighbour.

“Looking at its size, we are certain that it is a Russell’s viper. We have informed the local officials of the Forest Department,” he added.

Abu Taher, the district forest officer, said: “We do not have the capacity to rescue the snake at the moment. The Wildlife Crime Control Unit in Dhaka has been informed to do the job.”

Meanwhile, to confirm its identity, Dhaka Tribune sent a picture of the snake to the Forest Department’s Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Officer Zohra Mila.

Confirming its identity, the official said: “The Russell’s viper is on the list of endangered animals in Bangladesh. While other snakes try to avoid humans, this snake has the opposite nature and chases and attacks people, resulting in a number of human deaths.’

“The snake is notoriously called Killing Machine for its speed and lethal venom.”


Tanjil Hasan

Dhaka Tribune

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