Wage Earners’ Welfare Board

Starting overseas migration with jobs in 1976, Bangladeshis have now been working in 160 countries. More than 10 million expatriates are sending foreign exchange back home. In view of their contribution, Wage Earners Welfare Fund was floated in 1990. If an expatriate worker is the member of the Wage Earners Welfare Board. s/he would be entitled to benevolent support in case of any accident.

However, from abroad, we do not know the number of members of the board as its website does not show any such databank. Many overseas workers have no idea about the board or the fund. Only in a few cases, officials of respective embassies help workers to become members. Support from the fund is very critical due to the coronavirus crisis which has threatened millions of jobs. So, it’s important that the expatriates themselves become members of the board to ensure their welfare and their families.

Rahman Moni
Tokyo, Japan

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