Bumper mango yield cheers Munshiganj farmer

Nizam Uddin Dewan sees fortune in cultivating mango commercially in Sukhbaspur area of Sadar Upazila of Munshiganj.

He became known as a successful mango grower in Munshiganj as the desired yield was obtained in the mango orchard within a short period of time.

Talking to Nizam Uddin, it is known that he was staying in Japan for a long time. He returned home about 15 years ago. Returning to the country kept thinking what can be done.

Amid many speculations, he thought that the people of Munshiganj were buying formalin and poisoned mangoes from the market. If they can be brought away from this situation to some extent, then mango farming will be a suitable job for them.

Based on this idea, he planted about 12 varieties of mango seedlings on 2 acres and 70 percent of his property in Sukhbaspur area. These include Lengra, Himsagar, Fazli, Mallika, Mango Rupali, Gopalbhog, Bari Por, Thaikyuzai, Miyazaki and Haribhanga. Along with the planting of mango saplings, they also started tending. Continue research based on your own experience and advice from the Department of Agricultural Extension. He got his first harvest from this mango orchard seven years ago. About 7 years ago he earned 1 lakh rupees from this garden. 2 lakhs in the second year, 3 lakhs in the third year and 4 lakhs in the 4th year. He also expects to sell about 6 lakh rupees worth of mangoes this year due to the proliferation of mango trees in the garden and increased yield. His first objective was to market formalin and poison free mangoes. Exactly that goal is being implemented here. Mustard leaves and compost are used as staple food in this garden. He also said that any vegetables and crops are good in Rampal soil of Munshiganj. As Rampal’s art is famous. Similarly, the yield of mangoes has also improved. However, he claims, the money that could be earned by cultivating other crops on this land is more profitable than by cultivating mangoes. In particular, the cultivation of the world-famous Japanese Miyazaki variety of mangoes has also been done in this garden.

If any other new entrepreneur wants to come in this profession, he will give them full support.

Every customer can buy mangoes of their choice from this garden. Customers can browse the orchards and purchase instant mangoes of their choice. Talking to some buyers including Md. Aslam, it is known that we came to buy mangoes after retiring on Friday.

Visited the orchard and bought mangoes as we liked. I have seen mangoes from this garden. The real taste and quality of mangoes is very good.

In this regard Munshiganj District Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Md Zakir Hossain said, Nizam Uddin Dewan is being advised to take effective action at the right time through Munshiganj Agriculture Extension Directorate. The use of pheromone traps has been suggested for control of the mango pest. As a result, there is no need to apply poison. Use of organic fertilizers is recommended. Mustard leaves and cow dung are being used as organic fertilizers. By this, the original taste and quality of the fruit is maintained and the yield is increased. There is no harm to the environment either.


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