Padma Bridge goes cashless with electronic tolls

An experimental Electronic Toll Collection System (ETCS) has been implemented for the Padma Bridge, which allows tolls to be collected using technology, eliminating the need for vehicles to stop at toll booths.

The trial started at 10:30am on Wednesday at one booth on each end of the Padma Bridge, utilizing the radio frequency identification method.

Registered vehicles will be detected by robotic cameras, and the tolls will be automatically deducted when they approach the toll plaza.

Once the prescribed toll is collected, the automatic barrier will be raised and the balance will be displayed on the screen.

Road Transport and Bridges Ministry Secretary (Bridges Division) Monjur Hossain inaugurated the program. He said the automated toll collection, started on an experimental basis, will make the whole process faster and easier.

“It will be experimental for now. A registration booth for the smart toll system has been placed here. Those who want to register can do so from here.”

If someone has a card, they can pay their toll with it. Each booth has cash and debit-card payment facilities.


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