Illegal Leguna stand hampers traffic movement in Munshiganj

An illegal leguna stand, located near the Muktarpur Bridge, Munshiganj hampers traffic movement and created risk of road accident as the vehicles crossing the bridge have to turn sharp right due to the stand.

Buriganga Leguan, operating in Munshiganj-Narayanganj route on daily basis illegally make its stand just west side of the Muktarpur Bridge, causing woe to the commuters.

The bridge authority allegedly failed to evict the illegal leguna stand after several attempts.

Visiting the area, this correspondent found that traffic movement largely hampered due to the leguna stand. Vehicles crossing the bridge have to turn sharp right due to the location of the stand, creating huge risk of road accident there.

Talking to Bangladesh Post, a shop owner near the stand, said, “Traffic movement hampered due to stand and accidents occurred here occasionally,”

Sentu Miah, in-charge of the Leguna stand said that they didn’t get approval to make the stand but he insist that the right side of the road remains empty for the traffic movement.

“There is no fixed place to make Leguna stand here, so we use this place,” drivers and helpers of Legunas, operating there claimed.

Vogdad miah, a driver of one of the leguna, operating in the route said that they use a fallow, empty place as the stand.

“We keep the place clean. And if any problem occurs, we will move the stand elsewhere.” He added.

Md Mahbubur Rahman, assistant engineer of the Muktarpur Bridge site office said that they told the leguna stand owner to move the stand elsewhere but they didn’t pay any heed to the plea.


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