Truck falls into ditch as bailey bridge collapses in Munshiganj, 2 injured

A truck lies on its side in a ditch after a bailey bridge collapse near Muktarpur-Sipahipara road in Munshiganj’s Banikyapara. The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Monday (16 October) around 12:30am. Photo: TBS

A bailey bridge collapsed sending an overloaded truck plummeting into a ditch adjacent to the Muktarpur-Sipahipara road in Munshiganj’s Banikyapara.

The mishap occurred shortly after Monday midnight around 12:30am, resulting in injuries to two people riding the vehicle. The wounded received first-aid medical care after being taken to Munshiganj General Hospital.

The collapse unfolded abruptly as an overloaded truck attempted to traverse the ageing bailey bridge, causing it to crumble under the weight.

The repercussions of the bridge collapse were felt immediately, with severe traffic congestion paralysing connecting roads since Tuesday (17 October) morning. All vehicular movement was diverted to an alternative bridge, leading to prolonged delays and chaos, especially during the morning rush hours for commuters.

Nahin Reza, the executive engineer of Munshiganj Road Transport and Highways Division (RTHD), explained that the truck was transporting construction materials intended for a concrete bridge under construction adjacent to the now-collapsed bailey bridge.

“Currently, an alternative bailey bridge is available for commuters. Furthermore, we plan to open the concrete bridge to traffic by noon today,” reassured Nahin Reza.


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