Technician falls to his death inside elevator in Munshiganj

A technician fell to his death inside an elevator shaft while repairing it at a hospital in Munshiganj this morning.

According to witnesses, the incident took place at a new building of Munshiganj General Hospital around 11:00am when Mohammad Shipon, 40 was doing a routine repair work on the elevator.

Mahin, a co-worker, recounted that Shipon was working standing on top of the elevator on the sixth floor when someone called the elevator. As the lift began descending, Shipon was left hanging from the door for a while. Eventually, his hand slipped, causing him to fall onto the rooftop of the elevator.

Mahin said the elevator was on during the repair work.

He was taken to the emergency department of the hospital where the duty doctor declared him dead, said Munshiganj District Civil Surgeon Dr Manjurul Alam.

Munshiganj Additional Superintendent of Police Thander Khairul Hasan said, after receiving the information, police were sent to the spot.

Details of the incident can be told after the primary investigation, he added.

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