‘Russell’s Viper’ fear grips locals in Munshiganj

The menacing presence of the highly venomous Russell’s Viper, locally known as Chandrabora, has reportedly emerged in Munshiganj district recently spreading fear among thousands of residents.

Although the snake’s appearance in crop fields and grasslands along the Padma River banks has yet to cause fatalities or injuries due to bites, but their recent appearances have put countless farmers in a precarious position.

The snake’s venom, containing hemotoxin, has caused deaths and severe injuries, leading to a state of alarm among the locals.

On June 19 (Wednesday) local villagers caught a Russell’s Viper snake from Baranopara village of Louhajang upazila on the bank of Padma. That day around 4pm local businessman Palash Madbar, 25, spotted the snake behind a tree adjacent to the old police station quarters. Later, a Snake charmer was informed, who came and caught the snake.

Before that, another Russell Viper was caught in a ford of Padma River in Kumarbhog union of Louhajang on Tuesday, according to several posts on social media Facebook although this could not be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Louhajang Upazila Nirbahi Officer Zakir Hossain on his official Facebook page warned the public about Russell viper snakes. In the post, he wrote, “People who work on riverside land or walk at night should keep something that creates vibrations in the air or ground. Snakes fear vibration, use gumboots if possible when working on lands.”

Russell’s Viper usually lives in open, bushes, forests, mangroves and crop fields, especially lowland. It can move very fast in the water. As a result, during the rainy season, it can float to a great distance. They are nocturnal and feed on rodents, small birds, lizards and frogs. Chandrabora or Russell’s viper often comes to the locality in search of food.

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