War-time ammo found in Samashpur

Some 170 rounds of Liberation war-time bullets and four grenades have been discovered in Samashpur area under Sreenagar upazila of the district. বিস্তারিত… »

Heritage sites in Tongibari

Once known as the City of Courage, Bikrampur — now called Munshiganj — holds a history of more than 2,500 years. বিস্তারিত… »

The Inheritance of Loss

Why do we treat our heritage with such neglect?
This is a story of a journey into the past of Tongibari, an important part of the incredible Vikrampur civilisation. Once known as the City of Courage, বিস্তারিত… »

16 Buddhist stupas found at Nateshwar

Excavation on for 1,000-year-old site
Sixteen Buddhist stupas, around 1,000-year-old, have recently been unearthed at Nateshwar in the district with a rich archaeological background. বিস্তারিত… »


M H Haider: “You have lost a father,” he said, turning to Mir Jumla’s son when they brought to him the news of the Viceroy’s death, “and I the greatest and most dangerous friend I had.” বিস্তারিত… »

Hundreds of pitcher recovered from Idraqpur Fort

Hundreds of earthen pitchers have been found in the Idraqpur Fort located in the Munshiganj town while it was being repaired. বিস্তারিত… »

Ancient idol of Lord Bisnu recovered

An ancient idol of Lord Bisnu was recovered in Munshiganj on Saturday morning from a pond owned by Amanulla Sheikh of Sukhabaspur under Sadar upazila. বিস্তারিত… »

Valuing the past matters

The nation’s ability to preserve our past benefits culture and society in the present day
The recently discovered remnants of an ancient Buddhist town in the village of Nateshwar in Tongibari upazila provide visible proof of Bangladesh’s rich heritage. বিস্তারিত… »

Bangabandhu heard in Bihar, India – March 7, 1971

In March 1971, I was working as an agricultural volunteer on a Gandhian related poverty alleviation project in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, in the villages worst hit by the Bihar Famine of the late 1960s. বিস্তারিত… »