A visionary has passed away

Maswood Alam Khan When the death of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was announced on Friday night, a deep note was struck in our lives which must have resounded in the minds বিস্তারিত… »

Death: a doorway towards fulfillment of life

Maswood Alam Khan
Many years back Humayun Ahmed, the legendary Bangladeshi writer who just passed away, had confided to one of his friends that বিস্তারিত… »

London 2012 and all the razzmatazz

Maswood Alam Khan
Indian cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar said: ‘Life would be flat without dreams’. Big Ben, the famed bell belonging to Britain’s parliament বিস্তারিত… »

A gem drops from the crown of our literature

Maswood Alam Khan
Pure happiness that life throws you once in a while is when you savor a reading material that touches your soul, gives you a ride on an Arabian বিস্তারিত… »

Time to look back and ahead as FE comes of age

Maswood Alam Khan
The Financial Express, the only English financial daily in Bangladesh that primarily covers financial news at national, regional and international levels, বিস্তারিত… »

Encyclopaedia Britannica in print to be missed

Maswood Alam Khan
Thousands of serious readers around the world, I am confident, were on the verge of tears when they had heard or read in the second week of March about a heartbreaking news বিস্তারিত… »

Expanding banking services to rural areas

Too many banks, too few clients in cities and towns
Maswood Alam Khan
In our cataclysmic business environments, a bank is still trusted as one of the few institutions where people get a little bit of service like depositing money, drawing cash, বিস্তারিত… »

Greg Smith leaves Goldman Sachs, raises moral issues

Maswood Alam Khan
Within the first week of my joining Agrani Bank as a probationary officer in 1977 I discovered, to my shocking surprise, that my senior colleagues often would visit বিস্তারিত… »

Time for America to leave Afghanistan

Maswood Alam Khan
This is the best time for America to declare victory in Afghanistan and withdraw their entire force, instead of waiting till the end of 2014, the deadline announced earlier for withdrawal of US troops. বিস্তারিত… »