Memories unforgettable

Kazi Liakat Hossain, Advisory Editor, The Economy and Columnist
It was in the year 1969 when Bangabandhu was released from the so called

Agartala conspiracy case. It was like a miracle when I met this giant political leader, founder and architect of independent Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. When I was a college student, I used to hear his voice through radio and saw the picture in print media. But I did not see him face to face before.

In the same year, perhaps in the month of March or April 1969 my first cousin married the daughter of Mir Ashrafuddin Makhan. In that marriage ceremony Bangabandhu was invited with his family.

Let me introduce late Mir Ashrafuddin. He happened to be the husband of

Bangabandhu`s own niece, it is interesting to note that her nickname was also Makhan. Bangabandhu came to attend the marriage ceremony of his grand-daughter Mukta(daughter of Bangabandhu`s niece). Late Mir Ashrafuddin and Bangabandhu used to study in Kolkata Islamia College and lived in the Becker Hostel.

In that marriage ceremony both the bride and bridegroom were my relatives. All close relatives attended the function. I was loitering near the narrow lane (Gali) at Arambagh, the time was near about 1.30pm. I found an old white Toyota car stopped just near me.

I saw Bangabandhu getting down from the car. I immediately understood he had come to attend the marriage ceremony of his grand- daughter i.e. the daughter of Mir Ashrafuddin Makhan. I quickly approached him (Bangabandhu) and asked him whether he had come to attend the function. He (Bangabandhu) promptly replied “Oh! Yes, where is the residence of Mir Ashrafuddin? Lead me up to his residence.”

I will ever remember the occasion.

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