Nuh Ul Alam Lenin

In an interview with VOA, Nuh Ul Alam Lenin speaks about the downfall of student politics in Bangladesh. He says that student politics has lost a sense of politics in the 90s, but the Awami-League led government is working towards the betterment of the situation.

Nuh Ul Alam Lenin says that in 1996, Awami-League tried to bring the importance of education back in the lives of the students instead of letting them have a false sense of political ego. Now student clashes are dominating the scene because of the lack of government intervention in the past when Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) was in power. Student politics is now about groups and not about politics. So Sheikh Hasina has taken herself out of Chhatra League and her government is trying to fix the problems. Investigation has started to find Shibir members who have been trying to pollute the Chhatra League ideals. Nine members have been taken out of the group. The democratic government needs to bring healthy student politics back in Bangladesh as it used to be when he was engaged in student politics.

Nuh Ul Alam Lenin is a well-known student leader in the 1960s and the independence movement of 1971. From 1973 to 1976, he led Bangladesh Student Union. Through his leadership in Chhatra League, he advocated for positive changes. After leaving Chhatra League, he attempted to create a communist party and chose to speak for the rights of labor forces in Bangladesh. He has also published several nonfiction works.

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