Boro paddy damaged

This year’s early monsoon and the rise of water level in the Padma has submerged Boro paddy on vast tracts of lands in the district.
Low-lying areas of Sreenagar and Sirajdikhan upazilas have gone under water.

According to sources in Agricultural Extension Department (AED), Boro paddy on 900 hectares of land have gone under water. Of the total, Boro paddy on 191 hectares have been completely destroyed.
The farmers managed to harvest the remaining paddy
earlier. The Deputy Director (DD) of AED told this correspondent that this year’s advance coming of water is held responsible for the damage of paddy.

He said the department had nothing to do in this regard.

According to informed sources, Boro paddy on 500 hectares of land have been submerged in Sreenagar upazila, while paddy on 400 hectares has gone under water in Sirajdikhan upazila. Paddy on 150 hectares of lands have been totally damaged in this upazila, while paddy on 41 hectares have been totally damaged in Sreenagar upazila.
Everyday water level of the Padma is rising threatening to damage other standing crops in the district.


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