Twin Moth at village Shonarong

Sonarong(means golden color) is a lovely village of Tongibari union of Munshiganj district. The village has a lovely “Moth”(a place for praying for Hindu people) which is known as “Jora Moth”(“twin math”).

To reach the math, you have to first reach at the “Tongibari” union. From the base of muktarpur bridge, you can ride on any “Leguna” or “Tempu” that will take you at the Tongibari bus stoppage. This will take only 10 taka, and will require 30 to 40 minutes.

From the Tongibari bus stoppage, you can take rickshaw, and just ask them to take you at the “Jora Moth” near the “Shonarong Club”. It will take only 15 taka to take you their. But I’ll suggest you to hire a rickshaw for return way(up/down) too. And also let him know that you will pass 10 to 15 minutes there. This will cost only 30 taka.

It is used to call twin moth, because it has two towers side by side. I don’t know the exact height of the moth, but from my guess, it can be 100 to 150 ft. Also its not sure who built this, and when it was built. There is a large pond just in front of the pond.

This moth is not active now a days. According to local people, there is no praying activities at the moth. Every side of the moth is covered with trees and that gave a lovely view of the moth.

The two towers of the moth are not equal sized. One is much larger than another one. The larger tower has hundreds of holes at the top of it, and each hole is occupied by the bird parrot. You can observe hundreds of parrots from the place, and they are making sweet sound together.

A local people suggested me to come once again during the breeding season of the parrot, but he doesn’t know the exact breeding season. During the breeding season, the top of the moth become green for the numerous number of parrots.

Both the towers of the moth is ornate nicely. Trust me, it will please you. I didn’t get inside of the moth. There were two reason, one I was alone, and second and most important reason, It just had a heavy rain few hours back, and I was afraid of dirt inside the moth.

I am still amazed, why this place is not listed at anywhere at web. Why its not at the list of “places of interest” of Munshiganj District briefly? It should be the only place for that you must need to visit that district. Bangladesh government should take over this place, and take a proper care before greedy people doing any harm.

source: icwow

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