Shayamshiddhir moth

The moth of Shayamshiddhi is also known as “Shombhu Nather Byashartho Moth”. Someone a rich Hindu built the Temple during 1758. This is located at the Shayamshiddhi union of Sreenagar Thana.

If you are from Dhaka, then you have to get down at “Bejgaon” bus stoppage, and you have to hire a rickshaw from there. It will cost you 30 taka rickshaw fair to reach the temple from the bus stoppage.

According to local people, and from my observation, this moth is the tallest from the whole vikrampur. This is huge one. Initially I didn’t want to believe this, but when I got near to the temple, I found the immensity of the moth.

The road from the bus stand is not that much smooth. half of the road is nice, and rest half are jerky. But the beauty of the villages are really extra ordinary. Specially the water. I think you can travel the whole village using a boat.

source: icwow

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