Mugger shot dead by MP’s gunman

The official gunman of former water resources minister and lawmaker Abdur Razzak yesterday shot dead an armed mugger in retaliation of fire at Gulshan in the capital.

The incident drew a huge crowd at the diplomatic zone as the body of the mugger was lying on the road for over an hour.

Gunman Hemayetuddin, constable of the Special Branch, told senior police officials he shot the mugger from inside the vehicle of the lawmaker after they came under fire.

“The front right window of the Prado jeep was smashed by bullets. Lawmaker Abdur Razzak was not in the car during the shooting,” Hemayetuddin said.

Moments earlier, the muggers mugged a housewife when she was returning home by a rickshaw near Lake View Hospital on Gulshan Avenue around 1:45pm.

Housewife Rehana Parvin told The Daily Star the muggers snatched away a pair of gold bangles and purse from her at gunpoint and drove off.

Witnesses say the muggers were rushing towards Gulshan-2 circle riding a red Honda motorcycle and confronted with the personal vehicle of the lawmaker.

Driver Md Liton Kazi said they confronted with the muggers as they were taking a right turn towards Mohakhali at the intersection of Road 79 near the Pakistan High Commission.

“They thought we were blocking their way and started shooting at us. They fired three rounds of bullets,” Liton added.

“As one of the muggers was shooting at the driver, I returned fire,” said Hemayet.

Mugger Badal, 32, died on the spot, while Hemayet and Liton held his accomplice Md Sultan, 45, and beat him up.

Meanwhile, police arrived on the scene and received a call from Rehana as she was trying to ring her own cellphone inside her purse to request the muggers to return her necessary papers.

Instructed by the police, she reached the spot and identified the muggers. Rehana said, “I don’t remember their face well but they were wearing white shirts.”

Police recovered a 9MM pistol [made in Italy], a Honda motorcycle and the purse and gold ornaments of Rehana.

A driving licence was also recovered from the muggers that reads “Md Sultan, son of Abdul Haque, hailed from Baligaon village, Tongibari, Munshiganj.

The police arrested the wounded mugger and sent him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

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