Two new ferries on Mawa-Kawrakandi route

Two locally developed ferries were added to Mawa- Kawrakandi route on Friday in order to ensure smooth movement of vessels on the river route.

The roll-on ferry, Bir Shrestha Mohammad Ruhul Amin, will be able to carry 20-22 buses or trucks at a time, while the K-type ferry, Kaberi, will carry 12-14 such vehicles for a single trip.Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan inaugurated the ferry services at Mawa Ferryghat.The minister said five new ferries have been pressed into services during the last two-and-half years of the present government. He said the river dredging would continue on the routes.Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corpo-ration has spent Tk 250 million for Bir Shreshtha Ruhul Amin and Tk 70 million for Kaberi.


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