Mawa-Kawrakandi ferries stuck in hidden shoals

Two ferries on Monday got stuck on hidden shoals on the Mawa-Kawrakandi route with around 200 passengers from 50 vehicles on board. The two ferries are Ro Ro ferry Khan Jahan Ali-2 and dump-ferry Ramshri.

The first ferry got stuck in the Hazra channel while on its way from Kawrakandi to Mawa in the morning on Monday, while the second one got stuck coming from the opposite direction on the Mawa channel on Sunday night, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) Kawrakandi pier manager M A Baten said.

Baten said there were two buses, 10 trucks and 14 cars on the Khan Jahan Ali-2 and five buses, eight trucks and eight cars on the Ramshri.

A rescue vessel was brought but it could not move near the two ferries due to the hidden shoals.

BIWTC Mawa pier manager Sirajul Huq said the Ro Ro ferry ran aground on a hidden shoal when trying to avoid hitting a launch, though launches were not permitted to use the channel.

Ramshri got stuck in a shoal due to a lack of buoys and signal lights, he added.


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