$114.46m foreign aid received in July-Aug period

The foreign aid flow to Bangladesh was much better during the July-August period of the current fiscal (2011-12) as it totalled $ 114.46 million against $ 69.12 million during the corresponding period of the last fiscal, reports UNB.

The commitment for the July-August period was $ 335.25 million compared to $ 1441.80 million during the same period of last year, said an official at the Economic Relations Division (ERD).

During this July-August, the commitment for loan was $ 333.00 million while for grant it was $ 2.25 million.

The country paid back of $ 146.47 million, including $ 106.89 million in principal amount and $ 39.58 million as interest, during the two-month period. During the same period of the last fiscal, government made a repayment of $ 131.19 million, including $ 96.57 million in principal amount and $ 34.62 million in interest.

Of the disbursed amount of $ 114.46 million, the ERD official said, country received $ 90.52 million in loan. The IDA of the World Bank disbursed $ 23.94 million as grant. Of the disbursed $ 69.12 million in July-August period of last fiscal, the share of loan was $ 65.81 million while for grant it was $ 3.31 million.

Of the loan amount for this period, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided the highest $ 54.74 million followed by $ 21.71 million by the IDA, $ 9.19 million by Japan, $ 3.26 million by IFAD and $ 1.60 million by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

During the last fiscal, the foreign aid disbursement to Bangladesh witnessed a sharp fall compared to the previous year (2009-10) with the donors not disbursing fund as per their commitment.

The total foreign aid disbursement during the last fiscal totaled US$ 1777.33 million, less US$ 450.44 million than $ 2227.77 million recorded during fiscal 2009-10.

The aid commitment for the last fiscal, both in loan and grant, was US$ 5929.27 million. Of the amount, the loan was US$ 5335.08 million, mostly because of the donors’ commitments for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) Project.

The grant commitments from the donors during the last fiscal were US$ 594.19 million.

However, the total aid disbursement for the last fiscal was $ 1777.33 million, including US$ 726.62 million as grants and $ 1050.71 million as credit.

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