Dhaka-Munshiganj roads in poor shape

An important road that communicates the capital city with Munshiganj district via Narayanganj is in a very deplorable condition since the year last. Commuters have been suffering seriously as the speedy and small transports like taxi-cab, CNG run auto rickshaws do not ply on this road because of its poor conditions.

Ill patients who need to rush to the capital city for better treatment and must have used ambulance fell into serious problem and plying in the alternative way which kills a large period of time.
Almost twenty kilometres of this road are in major need of repairs for a long time.

Traffic accidents are happening on this road very often.

After completion of Muktarpur bridge on Dhaleshwari river under Munshiganj district, this road became very busy and all kind of passenger transport plying on this road.

Everyday peoples of Munsiganj district and peoples of Narayanganj south side journey in this road to easy access in the capital city. But the road now became a fatal trap.

Two times in the last one year this road was repaired namely putting bricks into the biggest hole that created in the different part and made serious risk for transport.

Five small bridges are in this road from Panchabati area under Fatulla thana of Narayanganj to Muktarpur area under Munshiganj district.

Those bridges very often broke down due to ply over loaded transport.

This road once was a very simple and plied some small transports which carried only passengers.

Some private transports of the cement factories plying with over loaded condition and that is why the bridges and roads very often tilted.

Transports of Shah cement factory , Crown cement, Emirate cement and Primer cement plying with overloaded every day.

Traffic Inspector of Narayanganj Abdus Sattar said that we have nothing to do as the department of roads and highway administrate this road. We have to fell into a problem when an over-loaded transport plunged into a hole and created traffic congestion.

A resident of Dewanbari area beside Dhaka-Munshiganj road Foysal Ahmed said that the cover van of cement factory carried 20-30 metric tones and then vibrating the road.

A sub-inspector of Fatulla model thana Shah Alam said that when our duty endorsed in this road area at night we have to waste time to decongest the traffic jam. He added that most of the transport at night plied with heavy load.

As there are no weight scales on this road or even any bridge place, the factory cover-van loaded their transport as their own wish. They do not consider the capacity of road, traffic inspector said.

Police of Fatulla model thana could not duty of their south side jurisdiction including Panchabati to Gognagar as their small transport do not move due to dilapidate condition of road.

A resident of Sayedpur village named Billal Hossain said that the road authority should repair the road immediately and set up weight scale as over loaded transport could not ply.

“If over loaded transport could not stop to ply in this road the condition would not be changed permanently” headmaster of Hatkhola High school Samsul Haq said. Of the five bridges in this way one or two very often break down due to over load transport. A bridge at Sayedpur broke two or three times in a year and then transport plying was kept off for few days.


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