Munshiganj passport office ransacked!

A group of Chhatra League leaders and workers attacked the regional passport office of Munshiganj and also took away some files when the officials refused to pay Tk 1 lakh toll money, it was alleged. The attack was led by district Chhatra League president Asaduzzaman Sumon but another source claimed that the incident occurred as a sequel to exchange of words over issuance of passports.

The attackers left the place of occurrence before the police reached Pachghariakandi area, where the regional passport office is located.

Khurshed Alam, deputy director of Munshiganj regional passport office alleged that Asaduzzaman Suman had asked for Tk 1 lakh as toll from him. As he refused to make the payment of the toll money, Suman led the attack on his office. He claimed that the attackers had taken away about 500 files and over one hundred verification files. He said legal action would be taken in this regard. Police said as the attackers had left the place before they could reach the place of incident, so none could be arrested.

Asaduzzaman Sumon described the allegation of demanding toll as baseless. He said the incident was in protest against the demand for money from two Chhatra League supporters by the relevant officials for their passports.


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