Dhaka-Ctg highway blockade demanding OC’s removal

dhcthAngry supporters of a UP chairman candidate blocked the Dhaka-Chittagong highway on Sunday demanding the removal of Gozaria Thana officer-in-charge Ferdous Hasan for his alleged support to another candidate.

A few hundreds supporters of Shahiduzzaman Jakaria, a candidate for the chairman post of Baluakandi UP elections, put barricade at Tetuiltala area from 12pm to 1pm, disrupting traffic on the highway.
Local people said the supporters of Shahiduzzaman Jakaria and another candidate Marzina Begum had been at loggerhead for last few days centering the by-polls. OC Ferdous took side of Marzina’s supporters thus made Jakaria’s supporters angry, they added.

The post of Baluakandi union parishad chairman fell vacant following the death of union Awami League president and chairman Samsuddin Pradhan. The by-election will be held on August 24.


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