Locals blockade Mawa highway protesting govt bid

railB1Land acquisition for Padma Bridge rail lines
Local people have staged demonstration and formed human-chain blockading the Dhaka-Mawa highway at Srinagar in the district in protest against the government’s move for acquisition of land for railway lines connecting to the Padma Bridge.

Inhabitants of Shologhar, Hasara and Ompara staged demonstration from 10.30am to 11.30am at Shologhar point on the highway on Tuesday.

Staying on the highway, hundreds of men and women of the local areas chanted slogans against the government’s bid to acquisition of land for rail lines.
In spite of having the government’s khas land, they alleged that hundreds of acres of homesteads and cropland of Shologhar, Hasara and Ompara have been incorporated in the acquisition plan. As a result, thousands of people of the local areas would seriously be affected.

They also called upon the authorities concerned to finalise the acquisition plan for rail lines using the khas land instead of the lands for homesteads and crops.

The locals also threatened to stop plying of vehicles on the Dhaka-Mawa highway for an indefinite period unless effective steps are taken within a week.
Following the demonstration, a rally was held which was addressed by Nazrul Islam Mahi, Advocate Quamrul Hasan and Azizul Islam, among others.

Srinagar Circle ASP Mia Qutubur Rahman said local people observed their programmes peacefully.


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