Bus fare increases at owners’ whim in Munshiganj

The bus owners hiked the fare overnight and now at least Tk10 extra was charged for each passenger
Passengers suffer as a transport company carrying passenger on Dhaka-Munshiganj route is increasing fare violating BRTA regulations.

There are three transport companies named Dighirpaar Transport Company, Kusumur Paribahan and Dhaka Transport Limited which carry passengers on that route. Currently Dhaka Transport’s buses do not ply on that route, and Kusumpur Paribahan operates with a small number of buses, which enabled the Dighirpaar Transport’s owner Jaglul Haydar Bhutu, who is currently the President of Tangibari upazila Awami League, hike the bus fare as he wishes.

The commuters complained that there seems to be no authority to oversee the transport companies. The bus owners hiked the fare overnight and now at least Tk10 extra was charged for each passenger.

It was found by our correspondent that at the Lichutala bus counter in Mushiganj city’s South Courtgaon area, Dighirpaar Transport was selling tickets for Tk60 while Kusumpur Transport was charging Tk50 for the same distance.

When asked about the reason for the difference in ticket price, a supervisor of Dighirpaar Transport Md Matin said previously they charged Tk5 more than the other bus services, but the reasons for increasing the ticket price again could be explained only by the manager.

According to Bangladesh road Transport Authority (BRTA) laws, bus fare for 28 kilometers should be Tk39, where the bus company was charging Tk60. This goes on all along the route. Passengers pay 10 to 20 taka extra for going from one stoppage to another. The distance from Dighirpaar to Dhaka is nearly 40 kilometers, which should cost the passengers Tk43 but the bus companies were charging Tk70 to Tk90 for each passenger.

Dr Pranayan Kumar Bhoumik, a commuter, said it was really difficult to pay the extra amount for those who use this route regularly. The bus fare was increased from Tk35 to Tk50 a few months ago, because of the hiked fuel price, but the recent increase of bus fare was inexplicable, he added.

Director of Dighirpaar Transport Company Md Babor said according to government laws the fare should be Tk43, which does not generate sufficient profit for them. That is why they increased the fare after informing the district commissioner (DC) and other authorities concerned.

Munshiganj DC Saiful Hassan Badal said he knew nothing about the increased bus fare. Dighirpaar officials did not contact them, but if they were charging more than the legal fare then actions would be taken against the company, he added.


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