Tribunal will decide on death warrant, review: AG

Bangladesh’s war crimes tribunal will issue a death warrant for Mohammad Kamaruzzaman once it gets a copy of the Appellate Division verdict, the attorney general has said.

Whether a summary or the full verdict will be sent depends on the Appellate Division, Mahbubey Alam said Sunday.

“We’ll know whether the tribunal’s verdict has been upheld or altered once the tribunal gets the Appellate Division’s verdict,” he said at a media briefing at his office.

“As I’ve said before, an abridged order will do.”

On Nov 3, the top court upheld the death penalty handed down to Jamaat-e-Islami’s Assistant Secretary General Kamaruzzaman by the tribunal for his war crimes.

A day later, the attorney general said the government did not need to wait for the full verdict since the death sentence had been upheld.

Several hours later, Law Minister Anisul Huq said he had ordered the jail authority to prepare for the hanging of the war criminal.

But the defence claimed the minister went beyond his jurisdiction and said they would file a plea after reviewing the verdict. They also said they were not thinking about seeking presidential mercy before that, according to a news agency.


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