Man escapes after breaking the window in Louhajang

An alleged drug peddler has escaped from the police station after breaking the window of the cell at Louhajang of Munshiganj.

The accused, Faruk Morol, 27, was arrested on Friday afternoon with Phensedyl in his possession.

Munshiganj Police’s OC Rijaul Haq said the accused managed to escape from the station after breaking the window of a cell early on Saturday.

According to him, the Louhajang police station was gulped by the Padma River after the riverbank erosion.

Later, an abandoned building was used as a police station, the walls and the windows of which were rusted and worn down, said OC.

“He was kept in the cell of the station as the court hours were over for that day. Around 5:30am Faruk broke out of the cell.”

A case was filed against him under the Narcotics Control Act, said OC Haq.

Another case was now filed for jailbreaking, he added.


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