23 years in the same workplace in Munshiganj still……..

Though Extension Officer of BISIC in Munshiganj area, Md. Bashirul Haq, has been transferred after 23 years, he is not going to join his new workplace. There are a number of complains against him including taking bribe.

BISIC Deputy Manager SM Golam Faruq issued a transfer order on 22 April, 2015. But, after one day, BISIC Regional Director Md. Abdul Based issued another order to stop the previous one.

Md. Bashirul Haq joined BISIC at Mukterpur of Munshiganj as an Extension Officer in 1993 when Mukterpur BISIC Industrial area was established.

Sources said, some of the officers and employees of BISIC including Deputy Manager SM Golam Faruq, Promotion Officer ABM Abdur Rahman, officer Joynal Akter, ACC Muhammad Jahangir Hossain, Md. Siddiqur Rahman and guard Md. Khokon Mia filed a complain against Md. Bashirul with the office of BISIC Chairman on 20 April. They complained that Bashirul allotted plots to some industries which do not run. It was also complained that he takes bribe for changing the names of the industries and handing over owners of the industries. He also takes money in the name of utility bills and service charge. Some of the owners of industries demanded their money back in a written statement to the BISIC Chairman as Bashirul failed to do their job. Md. Kamrul Hasan, owner of Mrs. Kurltex Ltd. And Md. Aowlad Hossain, owner of Mrs. Zannat Fibre Industries made those demand of money back in a letter to the chairman on 13 April.

About all these allegations brought against him, Md. Bashirul said, “I have been transferred according to rules and regulations. I did not take any bribe while doing my job.” “It is not 23 years, I stayed in Munshiganj from 2003 to 2015.”

BISIC Chairman Ahmed Hossain Khan said, “I can’t remember the allegation brought against that officer. I’ll look into the matter.”

Rampal Barta

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