Fresh erosion at Padma Bridge construction yard

Another 80 square metres area of the Padma Bridge construction yard in Louhajang’s Kumarbhog has been washed away by strong river currents only four days after a jetty, link road and a temporary concrete plant were devoured by the

Wednesday’s erosion was just to the east of the 250 square metre stretch eroded on Sunday, the bridge project’s Executive Engineer Dewan Abdul Kader told

They had managed to tame the erosion four days back using sandbags and bamboos.

The engineer said they were doing all they could to arrest the fresh erosion.

The construction yard, a kilometre-off the main bridges area, was first hit by the erosion, triggered by strong currents, on June 27.

The Padma River has risen another 10 centimetres to flow just eight centimetres below the danger level in the last 24 hours.

Bhaggyakul River is already flowing 11 centimetres above the red line.


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