73% of Padma Bridge installation work complete

Two spans will be installed in March
Padma Bridge installation work is steadily progressing. Already, seven spans have been installed at Zajira point, permanently, while one span has been installed at Mawa point temporarily. Two other spans are scheduled to be installed in March; one in the middle, and another at the end, of the month.

Span 6D will be placed on pillars No 34 and 35 at the Zajira point, while span 6C will be placed on pillars No 33 and 34.

The information was confirmed by an assistant engineer, who wished to remain anonymous.

Of the 42 pillars of the Padma Bridge, 41 spans—each 150m long—will be installed. Among these, 20 spans have already arrived in Bangladesh.

The parts of these spans are assembled and then painted in the Mawa construction yard in Munshiganj. Then they are carried by the Tiyan E crane, and placed on the pillars.

Among these 20 spans, seven have been installed at the Zajira point permanently; and one has been temporarily installed at Mawa.

Seven other spans have been assembled in the construction yard; two of them have been painted. The rest of them are still being assembled.

The information was provided by Assistant Engineer of Padma Bridge Humayun Kabir. He furthered: “We had to change the sequence of our work process due to a complication in the pillar design. But we have resolved the problem, which makes us hopeful we will be able to return to our old sequence by March or April.

“Almost 73% of the installation work has been completed,” he said. “The work will be completed within the shortest possible amount of time.”

Meanwhile, another engineer, requesting to remain anonymous, said the work to place roadway slabs on the Padma Bridge will start this month. A total of 2,939 slabs will be placed, among which 450 slabs have been built completely.

Meanwhile, 1,520 slabs of the total 2,959 railways slabs have been built, and 192 slabs have already been installed.

Of the 42 pillars, the construction work of 20 pillars has been completed with a total of 219 pile driving machines.

The conductors requested an extension to complete the construction work; the government acquiesced for a one-year extension. However, engineers are hopeful the work will be done by 2020.

Tanjil Hasan

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