NGOs should care to stop human tragedies, worse human rights violation

It was a heart breaking incident. Last Saturday a 36-year-old mother killed her two minor daughters and set herself on fire in a suicide attempt. As stated by her husband, there was pressure of financial hardship for meeting education expenses of the children.

There is no social body or human rights NGOs working in our country to give time to care and help such growing human tragedies of serious violation of human rights. Two children faced most unkindly death. They could have been helped if real care for human rights was available. The victims needed good counselling. Success of our human rights NGOs is counted by going to the court.

Her husband Mozammel Haque Biplab lives in Munshiganj and runs an electric goods business. However, he admitted that his family was going through a financial crisis due to the burden of a loan.

Police recovered a two-page suicide note where mother claimed that she wanted her daughters to study in Dhaka as they were intelligent brilliant kids. But, her husband continued to put pressure on her to move to their village home in Sreenagar of Munshiganj with the girls. Popy, who is now in police custody, has suffered 18% burns on her body but is out of danger.

Husband’s version is he took a loan of Tk 10 lakh from a local man against his properties. “I paid him Tk 22 lakh but he was “not returning my property”, he alleged. Besides, the living expenses in Dhaka have been increasing day by day making it difficult for him stay in Dhaka. This is common grievance for the middle and lower middle class people.
There is no human rights or women rights organisation to find out more about the human tragedy and arrange to expose the social exploitations going on a daily basis. Some powerful men prey on the helpless people and grab their land throwing them in the street. The courts cannot be effective in resolving such crises.

It is unfortunate that our human rights bodies are not less exploitative. They are quite happy by coming to court to protest human rights violations. They are not interested in the lingering face of human rights infractions.

But we have, perhaps, the largest number of NGOs, the members of which live comfortable lives and enjoy special positions of privilege. Most of them are financed by foreign countries. But these smart people produce computer data and pretend to be heroes by going to the putt seeking help against too obvious a human rights violation. Here also they do not play any role tomake the judiciary strong. Somehow the people find these bodies in happy terms with the government.

Even in many developed countries the NGOs would have known that the said family was facing a serious human crisis and by getting involved they could have found a way to help them save lives of the children. We have hypocrisy everywhere and the human rights NGOs are no exception.

We have to depend on police for police version of the incident and police activities as a solution. Punishing one or the other is not the solution for exploitation as violation of human rights.

We need NGOs and other social bodies feeling involved in the inhumanity of human rights infringement to make the country kind and human. We have politics of manipulating against public interest. Our politics is most repressive to have much human considerations for the miseries of the people. Our politics is an enterprise for becoming rich overnight. There is no opposition party politically equipped to be helpful to the people. The country is barren of pro-people politics.

We want to see the Human Rights NGOs and social bodies do humanitarian jobs humanely. We want to see Bangladesh where the humanely depraved ones are not powerful and above law. So count for accountability.

The killing by mother two of her children cannot be treated solely as police and criminal case matter. The whole society, especially the human rights bodies taking money from foreign countries and not to be where humanity is in crisis are to be blamed.


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