First lamp post installed on main part of Padma Bridge

The work of installing lamp posts has started from pillar number 40 near Jajira end of Shariatpur of Padma Bridge.

This is the first time that a lamppost is being installed on the main part of the bridge. The lamppost installation began around 2:00 pm today.

Three lamp posts so far were installed till 4:30 pm. Nine more lampposts will be installed as per the target today, our Munshiganj correspondent reports quoting Saddam Hossain, assistant engineer (electrical) of Padma Bridge.

Earlier on November 25, last year, installation of the first lamppost started on the viaduct of Padma Bridge on the Mawa side of Munshiganj.

A total of 415 lamp posts will be installed on the entire bridge. Of these, 328 are on the main bridge and 87 on the viaducts at both sides.

The lampposts in the Padma Bridge project have come from China, Saddam Hossain said, adding that testing has been completed on them.

The work to set up lights on the lampposts is also in progress, he added.

He also said that LED bulbs of 175-watt will be installed on each lamp post. The height of each lamp post is 11.2m and the distance between one lamp post to another is 37.5m. The weight of each lamp post is 275kg.

Even if there is a storm at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour, there will be no damage to these lampposts, the official added.


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