‘Goriber Koshaikhana’ sells beef at Tk10/kg to share the joy of Eid

‘Goriber Koshaikhana’ (Poor Man’s Butcher), a project of a voluntary organization, has brought smiles to the faces of the poor and helpless people of Tongibari upazila of Munshiganj district by offering 1 kg beef only at Tk 10.

To share the joy of Eid, the voluntary organisation Bikrampur Manab Seva Foundation has organised this exceptional Eid Bazar.

Around 11am on Saturday, 350 low-income families bought 1 kg of beef each from Goriber Koshaikhana at the Kamarkhara schoolground in the upazila.

Earlier, the organisation arranged Iftar Bazar at the beginning of Ramadan at Tk 10.

Aklima Begum, 35, of Haiyarpar village in Tongibari upazila, said her two sons were crying for beef but she was unable to meet their demand. “I was sleepless for nights as I told them to buy beef on Eid day. Finally, Allah fulfilled the desires of the little children and I’m so happy now,” Aklima added.

Sentu Bepari, 48, a rickshaw puller of Kamarkhara area, said he earned tk 340 yesterday (Friday) and bought Sugar and Shemai. He took his rickshaw out this morning to arrange a good meal and finally managed to buy beef only at tk 10 per kg from Goriber Koshaikhana. My Eid joy has doubled after getting beef at such a low price, he added.

Riyadh Hussain, a founding member of the organization, said that they organized it with monthly subscriptions and donations from the members of the organization. “But our plan was bigger. We will be able to support more families in the future with the cooperation of all,,” he hopes.

Abu Bakar Siddique Hira, president of the organization, said, “The price of meat in the market is 750 to 800 Tk per kg, which cannot be bought by the low income people of the society. So we have arranged this to share the joy of Eid with them,” Hira added.


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