Bailey Road Tragedy: Munshiganj’s Priyanti’s dreams turn to ashes

Jarin Tasneem Khan Priyanti, a resident of Binodpur in Munshiganj Sadar upazila, has perished in the fire at Bailey Road in the capital. Priyanti, a second-year student of English Honour’s at Munshiganj Government Harganga College, is now just a memory.

Her elder sister, Tasnova Khan Suha, arrived in Dhaka from Canada on Wednesday with her son Saima. Priyanti’s father, Advocate Awlad Hossain Khan, mother, Meherunnessa, and elder brother Sajeed Hossain Piyal along with her went to Eskaton, Dhaka to meet her sister.

On Thursday night, Suha, along with her daughter and Priyanta, and aunt-in-law, went to the “Kacchi Bhai Restaurant” on Bailey Road for dinner. After the fire broke out, the second floor of the Green Cozy Cottage building, where the restaurant is located, was engulfed in smoke and nothing could be seen.

While the three others with her were able to get out, Priyanti’s hand slipped away. She could not get out and died tragically in the fire. The news of her death cast a gloom over her classmates, teachers, and relatives. Relatives thronged their Binodpur home. However, Priyanti’s body is still in Dhaka.

Piyal said that Priyanta panicked after seeing the fire. Suha’s aunt-in-law quickly left with her 4.5-year-old son Saiyab after the incident. However, Suha tried to come out holding Priyanti’s hand. But people were coming down from the stairs in a hurry, and at one point Priyanta’s hand slipped away in the smoke.

Priyanti passed her HSC from President Professor Dr Iajuddin Ahmed Residential Model School and College in the city.

There is also a shadow of mourning around her former school. No one can bear this tragic death. Her dreams have been burnt to ashes that left her loved ones in a sea of tears.


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