Voluntary organisation sells beef at Tk10 a kg in Munshiganj

The low income people expressed heartfelt appreciation for this initiative
‘Sorol Manob Kalyan Sangathan’, a voluntary organisation, sold beef only at Tk10 per kg for the poor and destitute people in Tongibari upazila in Munshiganj.

Scores of distressed people flocked to purchase beef at a nominal price today (3 April) at the temporary shop of the organisation at Mridha Bazar of Shiloi union.

Each family purchased one kilogram of beef from the shop.

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The low-income people expressed heartfelt appreciation for this initiative.

“I have never heard of beef for only Tk10. I saw this for the first time. I am thankful to everyone associated with this initiative,” local Dilu Bepari said after buying beef.

Mentioning that the current market price for one kilogram of beef ranges from Tk600 to Tk700, Md Kashem said, “Due to the high price, I have been unable to afford beef for a long period. Obtaining beef for just Tk10 brings me immense joy.”

He mentioned that many people, similar to himself, are benefiting from this initiative, which aims to provide beef to the economically disadvantaged.

This gesture is commendable and serves as a positive example of addressing food accessibility issues, he said.

Local resident Pori Begum shared, “Yesterday, members from the club visited my home and informed me about the initiative. I was sceptical if they were really going to sell beef at Tk10. Now, I am truly delighted to be able to treat my grandchildren with beef.”

Swapan Bhuiyan, president of Shiloi Sorol Manob Kalyan Sangathan, said, “Lower income are grappling with purchasing their daily essentials amidst escalating commodity prices. Procuring meat has become a big challenge for them. This initiative aims to empower low income people to afford meat.”

Ahmed Sajib, general secretary of the organisation, said, “The event was organised with financial support from the organisation members, local youths, and expatriates. Three cows were slaughtered. Around 500 families were able to purchase meat at Tk10 per kilogram through this initiative.

“We want to continue this programme in the future and stand by the people.”


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