Hide wholesale at Posta is yet to pick up

Leather+Market_Old+Dhaka_071014_0005The wholesale market of hide and skin at Posta in Dhaka is yet to get busy even after two days of the Eid-ul-Azha festival, when a year’s major portion of raw hides is collected.

Traders say wholesale will take until next week to pick up.

The storehouses of raw hides at Posta in the old part of Dhaka looked almost empty on Wednesday.

Wholesalers say the hides have been salted in the areas wherefrom they are collected to ensure they do not rot due to hot weather.

The hides will start reaching the storehouse next week.

A wholesaler, Raja Bahadur, told bdnews24.com little raw hides reached Dhaka.

He said he was salting hides in his country home at Tongibarhi in Munshiganj district and would bring them to Dhaka next week.

He said 10 percent of the hides might rot due to the hot weather despite their preservation with salt.

Another wholesaler, Mamun, said the Posta wholesale market would be full of hides next week.

Bangladesh Hide and Skin Merchant Association President Mohammad Ali and former president Abtab Khan earlier expressed their fear that many hides might rot away as small traders took long time to take them to Dhaka.

He said on Wednesday small traders were right to salt the hides in their respective areas.

“Had they brought the hides directly (to Dhaka), many hides would have rotten,” he added.

Bangladesh Tanners Association estimates 1.2-1.4 million animals were slaughtered during the Eid in Dhaka City and another 7-7.5 million outside the capital.

Traders are purchasing salted cow hides at Tk 70-75 per square feet in Dhaka and at Tk 60-65 outside the capital as per the rates fixed by the government.

Salted goat hides are being bought at Tk 30-35 per square feet.

Last year, prices of salted cow hides were Tk 85-90 in Dhaka and Tk 75-80 outside the capital while the rates of goat hides were Tk 50-55 and buffalo hides Tk 40-45.


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