Heavy traffic pressure at Shimulia ghat before Eid

The Shimulia ferry ghat in the district is experiencing heavy pressure of traffic before the upcoming Eid. The pressure increased from Thursday night while the ferry ghat authority is facing setback to control the load of traffic.

Though there is not so much pressure of passenger buses, there is more pressure of private cars and microbuses.
Meanwhile, the Shimulia ferry ghat authority said, they are ready to face and control any situation.

On Friday morning, a 16-tonne onion-laden truck bound for Feni from Bhomra of Satkhira, lost control at the ghat and fell from a dump ferry ‘Raipura’ in the river. But, there was no casualty.

The authority spent five hours to rescue the truck. Following this, the traffic jam turned acute.

In this connection, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Mawa river outpost Jamsed Ali said, “The pressure of traffic increased from Thursday night and it further increased from Friday morning.


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