Hundreds of pitcher recovered from Idraqpur Fort

Hundreds of earthen pitchers have been found in the Idraqpur Fort located in the Munshiganj town while it was being repaired. The labourers who were engaged to repair the fort found these pitcher as they dug the floor of the fort. To have a glimpse of the pitchers hundreds of people rushed to the archeological site which was built by Mir Jumla, a ‘Subeder’ (Administrative) during the Mughal period in 1616. It assumes that the pitchers are 270 years old. Now, the authorities have postponed the repair activities as to save the pitchers.

The Idraqpur Fort had been used as a resident of the then ‘Mohakuma Proshashak’ (regional administrative) till 1984 and then the quarter of the Deputy Commissioner till 1992. In 1845, the fort was repaired for the first time. A new house was made during that time on the top of the fort. This fort was declared as an archeological site in 1909.

Why and how the pitchers were set under the floor of the house of the fort is quite inquisitive. The district administration has started to find out that. Primarily it can be said that those pitchers were set under the house for keeping the air cooled.

Three members of the archeological department of Dhaka visited the spot. In a press briefing at the evening Assistant Director of Archeological department Md. Mahbubul Alom has said, “It seems that the floor was built during the british period.”

Rampal Barta

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