Habib Wahid: Musings

One of the most popular musicians of the time, Habib Wahid spends most of his hours at his studio — busy making tunes that are loved and adored by listeners. Recently he made some time for The Daily Star:

How do you begin a typical day?

Habib: Usually my day begins in the twilight hours, while I go to sleep at seven or eight in the morning. My evening mug of coffee is equivalent to others’ morning dose of caffeine. I have my dinner at 3 in the morning.

How did you develop this nocturnal habit?

Habib: This began since I started working on music. I was studying in England and was living away from home for the first time. It always feels better to work on music at night. You get a kind of quietness in the wee hours, which the morning never gives you.

Many upcoming music directors and singers are inspired by you, with some even following your styles. You brought a change to the music scene of the country. How do you see all this?

Habib: I believe that everyone has individuality, and acts upon his/her feelings. If by sharing what I feel inside has brought about some changes, I’m honoured.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Habib: Listen to music. I also watch movies at times and chat with friends. Sometimes my friends come over, at others, I go out. I immensely enjoy travelling.

What gets the priority — lyrics, tune or vocals?

Habib: The tune is most important to me. I try to create a signature tune for each song. People usually remember a song by its tune.

What are the recent projects that are keeping you busy?

Habib: I recently began working on a solo album by Nancy. I’m working on a folk album by Helal and Kaya — scheduled to be out on next Pahela Baishakh. I also completed five songs for an album by DJ Sonica, while work on the rest is on.

What is your take on film music?

Habib: The past decade has seen significant changes in film music. However, new ideas cannot generate without proper ambiance. I gave a lot of time and tried my best to make good music for the film “Ei Toh Prem”.

Any thoughts on the newcomers?

Habib: Those that I know personally and through Facebook want to know many things from me. But the eagerness to master one instrument thoroughly is absent in most. Shortcuts/ cut-paste trend will not work.

You recently exchanged wedding vows?

Habib: I got married on October 12 in Chittagong. My mother chose the bride. Her name is Rehan Chowdhury. She is currently studying in a private university in Chittagong.

Where did you travel to after your marriage?

Habib: We went to Cox’s Bazaar for a while. The two of us will go outside the country when I get an Eid break.

Shah Alam Shazu – thedailystar

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