Padma Bridge with own fund: Muhith

padmaFinance Minister AMA Muhith on Thursday turned down any idea of implementing the Padma Bridge project through mobilizing fund by issuing any bond and reiterated the

government’s firm decision to build the bridge by its own fund.

“Padma Bridge has no relation with the issuing of government band in the market,” he said while talking to reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Purchase Committee.

Such comments from the Finance Minister came when his attention was drawn to the press reports that the government is contemplating to issue bond in the market to mobilise necessary fund for the nearly US$ 3 billion multipurpose Padma Bridge project. Bangladesh has taken the decision to build the bridge with its own fund following the cancellation of the World Bank’s $1.2 billion credit on allegations of corruption.

Muhith also confirmed that there is no problem in mobilizing fund from the government exchequer for the 6.5 km bridge with an width of 18.10 meter, the country’s longest bridge project with highest ever cost.

Responding to another question, he informed that the government has no plan to raise the price of petroleum fuel, but if the Energy Ministry sends any proposal on the issue, it might be considered.

The Finance Minister, however, said that there was a discussion at the government’s policy making level about adjustment of the petroleum price with the international market price.


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