Mawa going into river

mawa-going-riverRiver erosion has taken a serious turn at Mawa, as the mighty Padma devoured a ferry terminal and several shops over the last two days, disrupting ferry service on the Mawa-Keorakandi route.

The Padma gobbled up more than 300 houses at Ranipur village of Dohar upazila, according to locals.

River erosion and strong currents continue to disrupt ferry service on the Mawa-Keorakandi route. The operation of seven ferries was suspended after a ferry terminal was washed away on Monday.

Only three ferries were operating on the route yesterday, leaving more than 400 vehicles in queues on both sides of the terminal.

Right here was a two-storey building. Now it’s gone. About 300 houses have been devoured by the Padma over the last three days, leaving almost over a hundred families homeless in Ranipur village of Dohar. Yesterday, people were seen moving away with whatever they could find after rummaging through the debris of houses destroyed in the deadly erosion. Photo: Anisur Rahman

Visiting Ranipur village of Dohar where the Padma devoured over 300 houses, this correspondent saw a family trying to salvage some bricks of its two-storey house eroded by the river.

Next to the spot, a 70-year-old man was picking up a young jackfruit tree that he planted at a corner of the yard of his house last year.

Everything was going well for him and his family members until the river started eating into his house. The Padma eventually devoured the house and all their belongings, prompting his family to move to the next village.

This old man has lost almost everything in erosion. His house has been devoured by the Padma in Ranipur village in Dohar, Dhaka. A young jackfruit tree has somehow survived. He uprooted the tree to take it with him while moving to the next village. Photo: Anisur Rahman




mawa-no-3-terminalA rescue ship salvages the ramp which along with Mawa No 3 terminal’s pontoon drowned in the Padma. Photo: Anisur Rahman

But the old man waited till the river eroded his yard yesterday. He then moved to the next village to join his family members.

When this correspondent tried to strike up a conversation with the ill-fated man, he said, “I have lost everything … What use will it be if I talk to you?”

Like him, hundreds of people are becoming homeless due to erosion by the mighty Padma.

Trucks in a long queue wait to cross the Padma as ferry services from Mawa to Kawrakandi got disrupted after two terminals were damaged by strong currents. Photo: Anisur Rahman


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