Stop Dhaka-Munshiganj bus monopoly

The distance between Dhaka and Munshiganj is just 27 miles, yet passengers on the route have to suffer immensely. A single bus company has monopolized the route. Is there no other bus company in the country? Do they not want to operate on this route? Not even the state-owned BTRC?

The fact is, the owner of the only bus company that provides service for this route is the upazila Awami League president of Tongibari, Munshiganj. He is also the president of the district road transport association. This ruling party leader is so powerful that no other bus service can operate on this route. The government-run BRTC did start bus service on this route, but shut down within just two days.

The passengers suffer. Had more bus companies operated on this route, the competition would have led to better service. The passengers have to pay whatever fare is imposed with no scope for bargaining if the fare is increased. They have to pay Tk60 for 27km, taking almost two and a half hours. With traffic jams, it is even longer. The passengers are virtually held hostage to this single bus company. Yet this is supposed to be a democratic country with a free market-driven economy.

This monopolisation of the route by the ruling party leader, is wrong. It is harmful. Steps must be taken to bring an end to this. Firstly, BRTC buses must take to this route. Then the path must be opened to other bus companies too.


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