Muktarpur bridge over river Dhaleswari

The sixth Bangladesh-China friendship bridge over the river Dhaleswari that connects Narayanganj and Munshiganj district is another attractive place to visit at Munshiganj. This bridge is at muktarpur, all buses from Dhaka to Munshiganj used to give a stoppage at the base of the bridge.

This bridge was opened for public at 18th February 2008, and it was opened by the Chief Advisor of Bangladesh Government, Mr. Fakhruddin Ahmed. Before the bridge, people of that particular area used to cross the river with trawler boats, and the vehicles with Feri.

After the bridge, now a days, its no more require the Feri transport, but still some people used to cross the river using boat. The bridge is not allowed to take any Rickshaw, that’s why I think people are still using this route.

I have walked from the base of the bridge, and moved at the middle of the bridge, and I think it took around 15 minutes. It would be wise if I used a stop watch. It was really hot that time, but at the middle of the bridge, there was plenty cool airs from the river, and that was enough to ease the hot from the sun.

Its a lovely place to enjoy your time. This place will make you busy, cause every moment, under the bridge, different types of water vehicles are passing. Some are bigger in size, some are smaller. Some boats are caring goods, like sand, woods, etc. Some are trawler that caring people to their destination.

Also from the middle of the bridge, you can enjoy the beauty of the river Dhaleswari. At the both side of the bridge, its lovely scene to watch. The water of the river is clean. Not dirty like other rivers from Dhaka or Narayanganj area. You’ll find lots of people are having baths at the bank of the river.

There is a stair at the bridge where the river bank started. If you want, you can get down from the bridge using the stairs, and enjoy the beauty of the bridge under the bridge. Also there are several shopkeepers who are selling “chatpati” and similar kind of foods. You can have some from there.

You can have a walk at the bank of the river. The walking path is clean, and nice for walking. A small narrow path that can only take rickshaw, or small cars. That’s why the road is not that much busy. You can walk freely at the bank to enjoy the beauty of the river.

I’ll suggest you to get at the middle of the bridge from the base of the bridge, and when returning, use the stairs to get down at the bank of the river from the bridge. Also it will be nice if you can manage a small boat for a boat ride at the river. I didn’t have any chance like that, but may be you can.

source: icwow

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