Padma Bridge’s 12th span installed

The 12th span of the Padma Bridge was installed temporarily on pillars 20 and 21 on Monday. Deputy Assistant Engineer of the Padma Bridge Project Humayun Kabir said the 12th span was originally supposed to be installed on pillars 30 and 31 but it could not be done as the pillars were not ready.

The span was now installed on pillars 20 and 21 and it will be transferred to pillars 30 and 31 on completion of those pillars, he added.

Humayun said the 12th ‘5-C’ span was brought by floating crane Tian-E from the Mawa Kumarbhog Construction Yard on Monday. They could not install it on Friday for cyclone Fani, he added.

Some 1800 metres of the Padma Bridge is now visible following the installation of the 12th span.

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge started becoming visible with the installation of 150-metre first span on pillars 37 and 38 on October 30, 2017.

Later, the second, third, fourth and fifth spans were installed on pillars 38-39, 39-40, and 40-41 respectively in 2018.

Work on the country’s largest bridge started in December 2015.

The 6.15-kilometre bridge will have a total of 41 spans, each 150 metres long.


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